Yamination Studios is an animation company specialising in stop motion
animation in the heart of Birmingham.

Taking its name from yam yam, a term referring to Black Country folk and their crazily cryptic vernacular, the studios are the embodiment of founder Drew Roper.
A multi-award winning stop motion director, producer, and animator, who’s behind (almost) everything that goes out of its swinging doors. Covering all aspects of production within its walls, thriving on creativity and innovation. Oh, and plasticine. Lots and lots of plasticine.
Since its creation in 2009, Yamination has been up to its ears in developing shorts, pilots, TV commercials and promos for clients including Coca-Cola, Cravendale and Sky Arts.
In fact, when it comes to bringing little things to life, this place does it with buckets of passion, character and – most of the time – plasticine.