May Day!

Happy Tuesdays!

We hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend!

It’s been a very manic few months at the studio while we have been settling into our new place, hence the lack of updates. Though despite all of the refurbishing currently taking place at the studio, the team have still been working hard to complete At-issue amongst other smaller but still exciting jobs.

Bart was being lazy
We thought Bart was being too lazy.

This face is the face of Kelly Abbey, our marvellous new production intern. Apart from being amazing, Kelly is almost about to graduate from Birmingham City University where she currently studies Film Production and Technology. With all thats happening with developing the studio there has been a need for help within production (to keep Drew in check) and Kelly’s that lovely addition to do just that.

He’s back!

Our editor Sai Smith has been working hard to get the film completed for our end of May deadline and is currently working on the final edit of the film! We have also had a great team of young VFX artists in to help with the clean up on the edited scenes to really establish Drew’s desired look. Special thanks to Sam Holyhead, Carolina Nunes and Daniella Ritson. Another special mention to one of our VFX animators William Marler, who’s producing some amazing work for the At-issue credits and has also somehow managed to squeeze in running the London marathon last weekend in support of Cystic Fibrosis Trust. A massive well done Will and we hope you’re on the mend!

Sai Smith working on At Issue edit
Sai Smith working on At Issue edit
Sai Smith working on the final edit of At-issue.

We are in the latter stages now of finalising the score. It has been really exciting to hear the music come together thanks to Pete Styles who has been composing some astounding music for the film. Pete stepped in as a result of the original At-issue composer, Craig Sutherland, being offered a chance to work with Dreamworks across the pond and we couldn’t be happier for him! Keep up the good work both of you! We are also very fortunate to still have on board the exceptionally talented Marc Silk, who is helping to design the sound and foley for our special man Bartholomew.

Exciting news! After much debate, Drew has decided it will be a lovely touch to go through with making a teaser trailer to get you guys more excited for the film!

​​We’re very lucky to have James Carlisle who’s come to visit us at the new studio, and give Bart his first real test within these new walls. James is an exceptionally talented young animator and model maker, recently graduated from Glamorgan University in 2014, he launched himself straight into the industry gaining some experience on Dinamo’s Rastamouse, working his way up into the Puppet Department as an assistant. He then landed a runner position which has blossomed into his assistant model maker position on the new and incredibly exciting 1980’s police action thriller parody; Chuck Steel; Night of The Trampires by Cardiff’s Immortal Pictures directed by Michael Mort, which we cannot wait to see on the big screens!  James is currently working away animating the small teaser trailer for At-issue…which will be with you…very, very soon!

For those who are interested, here’s the link to the trailer of the short film Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel. FYI this is not for the faint hearted and there is lots of strong language. We love it!

Leading up to this we have had the fun task of repairing silicone, tensioning Bart’s armature and remaking eyelids and eyebrows as well as going through the props from At-issue that have been boxed up because of the move ready for the teaser. We would like to thank Nic Everill for spending the week here to make sure Bart has his blinkers.

Tense. Busy. But exciting! Thanks for reading. More updates soon.

Kelly Abbey
Sunday, May 31, 2015