The Next Generation...

Another year, another talented bunch of aspiring filmmakers!

Now in its third year, this week we have been working with BFI Film Academy Arts Award participants on an intensive week long film making course to help inspire/train the next generation of new young film makers to be released into this creative and visual industry! Working alongside The Company Ltd, Speak of The Devil TV, Blue Hippo Media and the mac, we  have successfully helped deliver not only a range of workshops, master classes with producers/directors, networking opportunities and studio tours, but also, and more importantly, we have created a short film production which releases a three minute film combining stop frame animation with live action about a sad little cupcake (aww) and also behind the scenes documentary of the whole process, which will be released soon and premiered at mac cinema. 

Each year the BFI offers young people who want to pursue a career in the film industry the chance to develop their skills and experience in filmmaking alongside industry professionals. Participants develop their skills in the area of filmmaking they are interested in (i.e. directing, animating) through masterclasses, mentoring, networking events and visits to studios and it’s our absolute pleasure and honour to help contribute towards this year upon year. 

Kelly Abbey