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Time for another update!

We had the very talented photographer Ian Davies visit us last month, who also has a studio based in Digbeth. Ian has shot stills for the studio previously and has now taken some cool snapshots of the new space now it is finally up and running, which you will be able to see soon on the website. Our new website is currently being developed which will showcase a more up to date version of the creative things we’re crafting, and will be monitored and updated more frequently.

Here are some images of Ian in action and some examples of his work.

You can check out all of Ian’s photography on his website

As well as working on our new website and finalising both At-issue and the teaser trailer we have also recently filmed interviews with a handful of the At-issue crew for our ‘making-of’ video. Hopefully you have seen some of the faces in the stills that we have released as sneak peaks for our social media pages. Its all about the faces!

Yossel Simpson-Little
Sai Smith
Michael Price
Katy Price
Marc Silk
James Carlisle
Pete Styles
Drew Roper

Special thanks to the talented bunch; James Carlisle, Yossel Simpson-Little, Michael Price, Sai Smith, Katy Price, Drew Roper, Pete Styles and Marc Silk, who were vigorously interrogated and made to sweat under the lights and cameras of the documentary crew. Carolina Nunes, Christian Wells, Kelly Abbey and Melissa Percival made up this crew ensuring that the camera, lighting and sound was of the highest quality whilst each interviewee had the opportunity to talk about their role and experiences of working on At-issue.

These interviews were a lot of fun for everybody involved, as you may be able to tell from the bloopers teaser video we have put together which you can view here: 

The making-of video will be available to watch on our website soon.

Thanks for reading.Have a joyful July! We will back with a very exciting announcement next month. Stay tooned!

Kelly Abbey
Friday, July 31, 2015